Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Stuff

Hi, it's been a while.
it's not easy to find stuff that's worth scanlating and at the same time suits my tastes.
I HAD to read a lot of stuff to find this :)

This isn't about swimsuits, but lately I came to admire the art of Sahashi Renya <3

So enjoy this chapter~


  1. Hi, read this one at exhentai, Sabashi Renya is always very yummy, thanks a lot :-)

    Btw, noticed some small mistakes:
    Page 9, second last bubble, should be "and hiding" instead of "an dhiding"
    Page 19, second last bubble, should be "good" instead of "god"
    Page 26, second bubble, should be "taste" instead of "tase"

    1. That happens when one edits while eating and watching TV.
      And since I dont QC...

      But seriously, who actually pays attention to the text?

    2. Hehe^^
      But well, I think you should do a QC on your works, it'd make them even more awesome ;-)

      Just wondering, do you hang around on IRC or so?

    3. In my own channel, yes.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Just one question, if you don´t mind, have you retired from scanlation?